Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Valentine's Day :)

So it's been awhile since I've posted, but I'm gonna go way back in time and sum up my Valentines Day :)

All that morning, I kept asking Russ what he had planned for this Hallmark Day. He gave me no info, no hints, NOTHING. And if you know me, one of the many things that drive me insane is a surprise. I HATE them, especially if you tell me to expect one. I go NUTS.

So I get home around 6ish and I find a red note on the door:

And it says this:

As I walked into the apartment, I found a table full of goodies. :) I told him that whatever we did for Valentines Day, I wanted it to be super cheap. We're on the newlywed budget! There were balloons (I love balloons- 100 times more than I love flowers), candy, cake mix, ingredients for a Valentine's Dinner (a really good chicken wrap), and a Futuristic Box of Love. And I'm sure you guys have no idea what one is, but that's because it's one of Russ' big inventions. When we were dating (WAY long ago), he made me this box (basically a box wrapped in aluminum foil) with a million (ok, not exactly a million) papers that said "i love you". And he called it the Futuristic Box of Love. Of course, when we had broken up, I had tossed it (but kept the "i love you's")- so he made me another one for today. In this one were a bunch of those kid valentine's cards and he had written all over them:

I got him some cute love coupons, and a cookie from Mrs. Fields. He loves the cookies there so I got him the big heart cookie. When the lady at the store asked me what to put on there, I opted to go with something other than "happy valentine's day" or "i love you". The lady had a laugh at what i requested:

And that day at work someone had these conversation heart candies, and lo and behold- they had his "myspace nickname"- SUGAR LIPS. :) So I saved it for him since I knew he'd appreciate it:

And once again, since I had the camera, there were no pictures of me... *sigh*