Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't Judge Me

I'm still trying to find time to update and redo my personal blog and my photography blog AND my photography website.

So if you happen to click over to my photo blog ( and see that it looks funny, well it's because it DOES look funny. My photo blog and my personal blog seem to have been pushed aside (they're both on the bottom of my priority list). I'm still trying to put my photography business together (i didn't realize how many TINY details there were), and recently I threw together a simple business card. Now I can actually say, "Yes, of COURSE I have one!" when someone asks for it.

Here's the image:

One day I'll get the hang of posting as often as everyone else... but then again, that would require that I have some sort of "exciting lifestyle". And I don't have that. Unless you call reaching a level 45 on Halo 3 exciting (which I personally do). So, for those who visit and assume that I don't post because I'm lazy, think again.


dani said...

Oh, my little ugly. You found us! Nope, no little chris and dani running around but we're happily enjoying our nephew and soon to be niece. Remember when we all worked at Zuka and we all had names like Ugly, Dork, and Ass Man? Funny. now that's just what I call Chris. :) Good to hear from you!

dani said...

p.s. I like your card!

Beckstrom Bunch said...

Sheryl...I am totally loving all of your recent photos. I saw the adorable collage you made for Suz and I so love the pictures of Rowan and the Ballstead boys. I can't wait to get more pictures taken!!

bstoutfamily said...

Hey, So congrats with your photography sounds like things are going really well for you!! So yeah, can you believe it...Ashlee just got engaged at the beginning of May and she is getting married at the beginning of September! It is so crazy to me, I can't believe my little sis. is old enough to get married! We are so excited though--she is really happy!!