Friday, July 4, 2008


Today sucks. I HATE TODAY. Actually, no... I HATE OUR APARTMENT.

If any of you are familiar at all with what happened to us when we FIRST moved in to Promontory Point, you're well aware of the following:

1. The maggot infestation in our bedroom (yes, INFESTATION because there were over 100). And of course, they refused to let us out of our lease. They even made us pay for the 2 weeks we had to wait for an apartment to open up in the complex while we stayed at my parents.

2. The broken refrigerator that they refused to replace (that caused a good loss of eateries) at first. When the manager checked on it he said:

"It seems to be working fine. If it happens again, let us know." To this I replied, "Um, will you be replacing my groceries if it happens again?" And he kind of smirked over the phone and said, "Well no." So I cut him off with, "Then we would like a new refrigerator". He finally agreed to change it.

3. The thick layer of cat hair at the BOTTOM of our fridge when we first moved in.

Oh, I could go on. Not to mention the fact that I've seen more cops in this complex then I have ANYWHERE else. We've had them knocking on our door because of phone calls saying tenants heard a woman screaming and banging on doors. I've had to call 911 because of a group of people below me in the parking lot screaming, "Ill kill you. I've got a gun". And then there's the neighbor next door who had his motorcycle ripped apart in attempt to steal it.

But last night was a good kicker to the day. Brant went out with Ted and his brothers last night, and when he came home I was asleep on our couch. I was awoken to, "Our fridge isn't working".

Seriously? So this morning I checked it, and the freezer is working fine, just not it's bottom half. Our place has this wonderful aroma of spoiled foods that have been thrown up by a mouth that hasn't seen a toothbrush in years. Again, I find myself having to salvage what can still be kept- and there isn't a whole lot.

We have 28 days of our lease and we'll be moving to near the Sugar House area, into my brother-in-law's condo. I think this complex should be condemned with no chance of restoration.

And with hopes that someone will google "Promontory Apartments" and find this, I leave you with:

DO NOT MOVE INTO PROMONTORY POINT APARTMENTS IN SANDY, UTAH. I REPEAT. DO NOT MOVE INTO PROMONTORY POINT APARTMENTS IN SANDY, UTAH. They're deceiving and the management SUCKS (with the exception to the recently hired employee, whose name escapes me at the moment; i think it's AMBER. we like her).
This place is overpriced for 630 square feet. EVERYTHING falls apart. Don't let the outside of the complex find you signing a lease. It's pretty on the outside, but NOT worth a cent. Unless you're looking for a money pit, avoid driving by.

Happy friggin' 4th of July.


suz said...

I think my 4th of July may have bee worse than yours. Check out my blog.