Thursday, November 1, 2007

TAG again!

This "tagging" stuff is everywhere...

Six facts about Russ and I

Fact #1: He asked for my phone number when I was 17, and waited until my 18th birthday to call and ask me out.

Fact #2: Our honeymoon was in Sonoma/Napa Valley- and it was AMAZING.

Fact #3: We love big cities- he loves Seattle and I love San Francisco.

Fact #4: We're addicted to Halo 3. No, seriously- ADDICTED.

Fact #5: He has lived in Utah his entire life (except for his mission in the Philippines for 2 years), and I've lived in 7 states (and I've moved much higher than that number).

Fact #6: Our first date was at the Hard Rock cafe & a movie at the dollar theater.