Sunday, November 25, 2007

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

I get really addicted to TV shows easily. I've noticed if I watch the first two episodes of whatever series, I'll get glued. It doesn't matter how stupid the show is, or how badly it sucks in reviews- I will get addicted. It's happened way too much... 24, Lost, Alias, House, America's Next Top Model, The Hills, Laguna Beach, Sex and the City... and even A Shot at Love (dang you, Tila Tequila).

So a few days ago when Russ, Gianne and I were driving back from Milford for a wedding- I borrowed Russ' ipod to pass the time. And lo and behold... There it was... The first two episodes of HEROES. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I purposely avoided this show because I knew I'd be addicted. And I especially avoided it when it first came out. I can't watch a TV show unless the entire season is on DVD. I have no patience to wait. It drives me insane if I miss a show and end up having to wait the entire season before it reruns. No way, man. I'm the gal who will buy the dvd set and make NO plans for a weekend just to watch it all.

I did it. I watched it. I opened up my heart to the story and all of its heroic characters- good and evil... and now- I'm glued. As soon as I got home I downloaded 5 more episodes off of ITunes.... But that wasn't enough... No, not nearly. I stayed up all night (til 4:30am) and watched all of them. And the next day, I downloaded 5 more. It's not cheap. It's 2 bucks per episode and the entire season is almost 50 bucks!

It's slowly taking over. In the last 3 days I've watched more Heroes than I've played Halo3... And I know some of you may be thinking, "why's that so bad?"- but to those who know me and my Halo 3 addiction, I may be seeking some help soon. I almost crave the tv show over the game.

If you haven't seen Heroes yet, I REALLY recommend it. Not because I said so, but because it's good. It's amazing. I LOVE IT.

And now I'm off to download 5 more episodes.