Friday, December 21, 2007

Nearing the finish line.

In the last two weeks I've watched 3 complete seasons of Grey's Anatomy. I know I'm probably not helping with the writer's strike with downloading all the episodes off the internet, but the last time I actually used a DVD was a LONG time ago. And I have 80 gigs on my IPOD that are pleading and begging to be used. I'm now on episode 3 of the 4th season and I love this show. This is worst then The Hills, America's Next Top Model, Heroes- or even my addiction with Halo 3.

Who says I can't finish anything?


bstoutfamily said...

I love that you are watching all seasons of Grey's Anatomy! I did the same thing last year with Season's 1 and 2...I think I watched them all within like a 3-4 day period--I am completely obsessed and addicted!! Anyways, just thought I would say hi!