Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tag about Yours Truly

Five things I really liked as a teenager that I don't enjoy now:
1. Days of Our Lives
2. My bangs
3. Staying out later than midnight
4. Extreme Republicans (no offense, anyone)
5. Wearing socks with sandals.

Five things I didn't care for as a teenager that I really like now:
1. Sushi
2. Dogs
3. Politics & Talk Radio
4. Knee Length Boots
5. Coupons

Five things I've never much cared for and likely never will:
1. Trigonometry
2. Nirvana (sorry, Brant)
3. Going to outdoor parties on New Year's (i've always been in a cold, wintery state on that day)
4. Disloyal friends
5. Warm apple cider

Five things I've always really liked and probably always will:
1. Three Way Calling
2. Avocado Smoothies
3. Spice Girls (shut up)
4. My Camera
5. Hanging out with my family.

I now tag anyone who needs something to post about!