Monday, January 7, 2008


1. My ex is still... an ex. Otherwise, I'd be in big trouble.

2. I am listening to... Alicia Keys.

3. Maybe I should... finish my photography website.

4. I love... my husband.

5. My best friend(s)... are odd, odd people.

6. Girls just don't... seem to get it.

7. I lost... weight once. I can do it again.

8. People say... they're openminded, and most of the time they're really not.

10. Love is... my husband, my family, my friends, and a night of Halo 3.

11. Somewhere, someone is... myspacing. I'm pretty sure of it.

12. I will always... be asked if I speak Chinese.

13. Forever seems... too short.

14. I never ever want to... lose someone else that I love. Even though I know it's part of life.

15. My cell phone is... a barbie doll phone.

16. When I wake up in the morning... I feel guilty for staying up soooo late.

17. I get annoyed when... people argue about politics. It's VERY possible to have a civil conversation about it.

18. Parties are... few and far between when you get older.

20. Kisses are the best when... they're genuine.

21. Today I... took a pregnancy test.

22. Tomorrow I will... take another one to be sure.

23. I really want... to be out of debt.


suz said...

A pregnancy test!!! I'll be following up on that one!

Bryce and Lizzy said...

Speaking of pregnancy I would love to get together soon for some belly pics. Call suz and get my number. Im way excited.